How to Keep The Body Healthy

The body healthy is very important life. You know why? Because if the body healthy, we can do all activity happily. But, can you tell me what the body healthy is? Well, let’s me explain. The body healthy is the condition of body that can protect from the virus attack. To keep the body healthy, we can do many actions.

Physical exercise. Physical exercise is one of way to keep the body healthy. You know, why? Because physical exerice can increase the immune system and it makes the virus cannot atack us. We can begin the physical exercise can increase the immune system and it makes the virus cannot attack us. We can begin the physical exercise with the little action. For example jogging. Jogging is an instant sport. We can do this regularly, our body always health. Besides jogging, we can do the other way. Fitness is physical exercise that many benefit. Beside give us the high immune system, fitness also give us righ body shape. Jogging and fitness are the example of physical exercise. Both of them have same function. Actually, there are many sports that can make our body healthy, such as playing football and swimming.

Beside physical exercise, we must manage our food. I suggest, you must apply food diet. Beside food diet, to keep our body healthy is eat the high nutrient food. The high nutrient food is foods that consist of carbohydrate, protein and fat balance. Carbohydrate, protein and fat balance. Carbohydrate and fat give us energy to do all activity. Protein has the function to repair the broken cells. So, they are very important parts of food. Besides that, to make our food perfect, we must eat the foods that consist of vitamin and calcium. The example of this is eat the side-dish, and don’t forget the vegetables. To make it perfect, we can drink the milk and the last eat the fruits. Ilk contains the calcium. The calcium is very good for our bone to grow. Fruits contain many vitamin, like vitamin A and C. Vitamin C can increase our immune system and it make our body difficult to be attacked by virus. Well, now we know the important of food diet.

Oh, I almost forgot. The most important that we must do is take enough rest. Enough rest makes our body fresh. Because in that time, all of body parts are not working hardly. Otherwise, our body become relaxes and it makes our energy increase again. If you do this activity regularly, your body become fit every time.

Well guys, let’s do all this action regularly to make our body always healthy. This is a little action that has many benefits for us. If our body is healthy, it will make our soul to be healthy too.


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