Dialogue :


Wahyu            : Hy friends, I have a good news.

Sanisa           : What is a news?

Wahyu            : You know? I have a scholarship to Australia.

Nadia             : Waw…Congratulation for  your success. Im so happy too.

Wahyu            : Oh thank  you. Before I went to Australia, I wish we  join to refreshing.

Devi                                : Where to?

Novi                                : How if we to around in Bali?

Sanisa           : No, I don’t agree with you. Im boring to around in Bali.

Nadia             : So, where will we go?

Devi                                : How if we going to Java?

Novi                                : Okeah…How if we visit to Jogja?

Sanisa           : Yes, it a good idea.

Nadia             : Yes, we can shooping there.

Devi                                : Okeah…of course.

Novi                                : When we go?

Sanisa           : Wahyu, when you go to Australia?

Wahyu            : Thursday, two week later.

Nadia             : How if Sunday?

Devi                                : Sorry, I can’t. Because, Sunday I went to grandmother house.

Novi                                : How if Monday?

All                     : We agree.

Wahyu            : Okeah, see you on Monday friends. Bye..

All                     : Bye-bye……


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