Ni Putu Sri Devi Ratna Pratiwi is her complete name. Her nickname is Devi. She was born on 11 December, 1995 at Batuagung village. Since childhood she lived at Batuagung Village and when she was in 5th grade of elementary school, her move lived at Pandawa street in Pohsanten village, Jembrana District, Bali province with her parents and her brother. Her hobby is dancing and traveling. She love dancing, especially traditional dance. She dancing since 2nd grade elementary school and often perform at some events. Besides that, she love traveling very much, because she love photograph. She love to be the model of the photographer. Not only that, she love travelling because when she go to another places, she will get new friends. And also get the unforgettable story for her self.  When she was kindergarten, she studied at TK Dharma Handayani. In 2001 she studied in SD Negeri 1 Batuagung. Then, when she was Junior High School she studied in SMP Negeri 4 Mendoyo and continued to Senior High School in SMA Negeri 1 Negara. Now, she studied in Mathematics Departement, Faculty of Science, University of Brawijaya and live at Mt. Haryono street, Malang. After graduating from university, she wants to work as a programmer and banker.




Ni Putu Sri Devi Ratna Pratiwi is her name. She is a girl who was born in Jembrana, Bali on Monday, December 11, 1995 as a first daughter of I Ketut Partama, S.Pd, M.Pd and Dra. Ni Putu Sriwati Larasetiasih. Before she was born, her mother pregnant over 9 months. When her mother pregnant, her mother very diligent to clean the home and to take a bath. Her mother very likes jumping out of the window and her  hobby is eat food that sour tastes. She always emotional until she was crying when someone make home dirty. Every morning, she was walking went to the market. On Sunday noon, 10 December, 1995, she felt a baby would born and went to the hospital with her husband. After she arrived in the Hospital, her baby still not born. The next day in the hospital, at 04.00 a.m her was felt sick in the womb, and a baby is born with weight 3,5 kg. When her baby was born, she and her husband was gave the name, “Ni Putu Sri Devi Ratna Pratiwi”. Devi is the first granddaughter for her grandparent.  I’ll explain about the meaning of  Devi name. “Ni Putu” is a kind of Balinese name which means the first daughter. “Sri Devi” means Dewi Sri, in Balinese is believed to be the goddess of well being. “Ratna” is a kind of flower which means beautiful. And “Pratiwi” means Pertiwi, in Balinese is believed to be the goddess of the earth.

Since childhood, Devi lived at Bali in beautiful village name Batuagung with her parents and her brother. Her father from Jembrana, Bali. Her father had three brothers and a sister. Her father was a Headmaster in Junior High School SMP Negeri 4 Mendoyo. Her mother from Singaraja, Bali and she had two brothers and one sister. Her mother was a teacher in Junior High School SMP Negeri 3 Negara. She has a brother, his name is I Kade Alfian Kusuma Wirayuda. He was studying in Senior High School SMA Negeri 1 Negara. Her family very care with her. Always help if her have a problem. Always give her support when she falling down and give support to be a good person and to get success. She love her family so much.



Since Devi was born, she lived in Jembrana, Bali in beautifull village name Batuagung at Kipasung Grigis street No. 28. She live there with her big family that is her parents, her brother, grandparents, aunts, uncles, and her cousins. When she was 3 months old, her mother left her for some month to finished her job as a teacher in other city and at that time she was treated by her father and grandmother. Since then, she only gets breast milk when her mother come back to home. When her mother went to work, she was always fed with formula milk and she like to eat bananas. Her grandmother always sing a song to made she can sleep. “Putri Cening Ayu” is the song title which always her grandmother sing to her.

After her mother finished her job, her mother back to home and treat her until healthy grown. On December 11, 1996 in her first Birthday, her mother made Birthday party for a beloved daughter and celebrated with her big family. When she was one year old, she was be a crybaby. She often cried, especially when she saw people that she not knew.

On September 09, 1998, her brother was born. When her brother was born, she was very sad because she always thought if he had a brother, her parents love will be reduced. Her parents always give her understanding of until be able to receive the birth of her brother and she is very loves her brother.

When she was four and half years old, she started her study in kindergarten, TK Dharma Handayani. In kindergarten she had many friends to learn and play. In kindergarten, she had three teachers who taught singing, drawing, reading writing, and counting. Her favorit song is “Bintang Kecil”. In kindergarten, her hair was cut like a boy but she is very shy. She likes wearing a dress. Every day, she always went to school alone. Walking on a side the river that is not containing water, in order to quickly arrived at school. She was afraid with a large rivers which the water rushing, because she always thought she would fall in that river.

After one year in kindergarten, she continued her studies to elementary school, SD Negeri 1 Batuagung. In 1st grade of elementary school, she had a favorite teacher her name is Mrs. Sri Wulandari. Her teacher very patient in teaching. Since in the second grade, she often followed the Bali script writing competition and get a winner. 4th grade, she became a head of the class and when he was 5th grade up to 6th grade in elementary school she became a class treasurer. Her hobby is dancing. She is often performances when a graduating ceremony at school and when there is a religious ceremony. When 5th grade in elementary, Devi move lived at Pandawa street in Pohsanten village, with her parents and her brother. But before she moved, her grandfather was die. Her grandfather very care about her, that’s made she cried and she was very sad.

When the 6th grade, she was afraid to follow the Examination because it is the first exam that is followed in order to continue to Junior High School. After graduated from elementary school, she continued her study to Junior High School, SMP Negeri 4 Mendoyo.



First day in Junior High School, she gets many friends. In junior high school, she was became secretary of her class for 1st year and became treasurer for 2 years, and she also  becomes the student council .When she was 1st grade, she followed a religious ceremony called “Mesangih”. Mesangih is Hindu religious ceremony, is the teeth cutting ceremony. This ceremony believed to eliminate the bad qualities in themselves. When she followed this ceremony, she had more money, named “Bekel” from her family. On September 2, 2007 she followed the Marching Band competition inter island of Java-Bali as a color guard. When she was 2nd grade in Junior High School she often followed dance festival until in other city such as followed the Pesta Kesenian Bali, Cultural Festival in Banyuwangi, Malang, Probolinggo, Surabaya, and other cities. She was very likes to dance, especially traditional dance. Beside to following the dance festival, she also followed some competitions such as Competition Scouts, Red Cross, writing a poem, etc. Then, 3rd grade her focus and began to prepare for the National Examination and reduce non-academic activities. However, some weeks before the National Exam, she was given an offer to followed the cultural festival in the country of the Rising Sun, Japan. She was preparing to follow the festival, however still give priority to the National Exams. After she was passed the national exam, the next day she was went to Japan with the Team of Art “Kumara Widya Suara SMP Negeri 4 Mendoyo”. She was in Japan over 12 days. She and her friends represent Indonesia to perform in Hiroshima Flower Festival. She also followed the cultural exchange to Shinonome Junior High School. In Japan she traveled to several tourist sites such as Market Hondori, Hiroshima Atomic Bomb Museum, Monument  of Origami, Monument Hiroshima, and many other places. In Japan she heard the news of the passing of the National Exam, and when returning to Indonesia, she attended a graduated ceremony at the school.

After graduated from junior high school, she continued to Senior High School. She really wants to school in one of the favorite Senior High School in her hometown it is SMA Negeri 1 Negara. She followed Sciences Competition that is held by the Senior High School, and those who got the winner will received as a student at SMA Negeri 1 Negara. But, she has not been able to get a champion, and she tried through the Academic Potential Test. And she was accepted to the school in senior high school. When she was in Senior High School, she got a lot of new friends. After school she attended a course, sometimes she learning with her friends. In Senior High School, she was became Secretary of her class for 2 years. In Senior high school she was taught to be more independent. Go to school alone even, go wherever she is always alone. But, wherever she goes, she always told permission to her parents. She had a best friend who always accompanied her under any situation, her name is Alit. Devi and Alit always together, friends and her teacher said they are like twins. Alit always heard her complaints, and otherwise. They understand each other. Even gave when Devi angry, Alit could calm her down. Alit regarded her sister.

2nd grade in Senior High School she gets Science class. Her classmates are very smart, this is that makes Devi gets the spirit of learning. She diligently followed the course to get better achievement. She was also very happy to have a friend who always helps when she not understand the subject matter. She and her classmates are very compact. When the school holidays, they are holiday together, visiting tourist places and eating together. When there is a race between the classes, they always gets champion.

Devi very panic when she 3rd grade in Senior High School because she will followed the National Exam. Especially when she got a notice from the school that the National Exam will be carried out with 20 different types of tests, and the difficulty of the test was increased from the previous year. Before the National examination, the school held a tour together to reduce student worries. Tour was held in December. Devi and her friends take part in the tour. They visited places of historical and tourist places in Java. Places visited include Gunung Salak Bogor Temple, ITC Cempaka Emas, Monas, Dufan, DPR / MPR building, TMII, Lubang Buaya, Air Force Museum, Bandung Shoe Center, Borobudur Temple, Prambanan Temple, Keraton Yogyakarta, and Malioboro. Devi followed the tour for 1 week. She was very happy during the tour, the mind can be refreshed for a moment. She  also do not forget to buy souvenirs in the shopping place to be give to family and her friends, buy food typical of the region, key chains, accessories, clothes, and others.

Finished the tour, devi prepare for the exam. The exams she follow such, strengthening exams, school exams and national exams. She studied hard. Answer exam questions the previous year, and studying books UN predictions, and followed the course in Ganesha Operation. Beside to preparing for the exam, she also prepares SNMPTN (Seleksi Nasional Masuk Perguruan Tinggi Negeri) registration. She was very confused to choose of PTN. Her parents are always giving suports. Finally, Devi decided to choose Brawijaya University and the University of Udayana. He chose Brawijaya University medical school at the first choice, Brawijaya University Department of Mathematics became the second choice, and Department of Mathematics, University of Udayana as a third choice. Besides that, she also signed up as a student of STIKES Bali, in the department of Nursing.

When the national examination, she was panicked, but she tried to calm down and prayed, so that it can answered question. She was very happy, she can graduated from Senior High School.



After the National Examination is completed, Devi still have to learn because they have to struggle to get into the dream University. Very small chance that she received through the SNMPTN ( Seleksi Nasional Masuk Perguruan Tinggi Negeri) because so many rivals. Every day she always came to the course . Prepare for SBMPTN if she is not accepted through the SNMPTN . A few weeks after the National Exam , Devi get information that she received in STIKES Bali and must follow the next stage which is a medical test. Then, Devi followed a medical test at the Hospital referral STIKES Bali . On April 31, 2013 , She has been accepted as a student of STIKES Bali and is expected to registrasion and payment no later than May 4, 2013.

Devi was very confused, whether to choose STIKES Bali or not . While the results have not been announced SNMPTN . He really wants to be a student at Brawijaya University , but his parents suggested that re-register in STIKES Bali, because if it was not received through the SNMPTN , she doesn’t have to follow SBMPTN.  She really want to be a student of Brawijaya University and she didn’t re-register in STIKES Bali. She chose to wait for the results SNMPTN and preparing to accept whatever the outcome later. Before the results announced SNMPTN, she was very excited and kept praying. Turned out she was accepted at UB, though not accepted on the first choice. Tears of happiness were seen in Devi’s house.

After passing SNMPTN, she participated in various processes to be formally UB students including; re-register, send files as needed, to follow theUniversity Student Orientation, Faculty Student Orientation and Student Majoring Orientation. Many knowledge acquired during student orientation including, knowledge of the campus, ways of being best students, etc. First lecture, she already has a good friends who always cared about her. As a new student in University, she’s very need to adapt to college life, from many tasks and the way lecturers teach were very different from high school. The competition on campus is very tight. The other students spirit of learning made her gets more spirit too. Since becoming a student in Brawijaya University, she got a lot of experience as organization experience. She followed several committees in the department and the faculty. With the organization she had ​​many friends, learned to understand each other, and also trained the team cooperation. Besides following the academic activities and organizations, she also following the non-academic activities. Non-academic activities that she attended is dance. On December 2013 she followed traditional dancecompetition named GFT (Gebyar Festival Tari) that was held by the UB as a representative of the Faculty of Science. She and her friends show the dance titled “Ngunduh Madu” that was created by a student in Physics. For the first time Devi danced the traditional Javanese dance, and he was as a Queen of Bee. In the dance competitions, the dancers Faculty of Science, accompanied by a team of karawitan get 2 champions, as a featured presenter and script best dance. A few days after the dance competition, she and her friends requested to perform at events held by the Department of Mathematics. Although following the organization’s activities and non-academic, she still prioritizes her academic. She tried to get the best value. She hopes a minimum value per subject is B, with a minimum Grade Point Average 1st semester is 3,00. Certainly it is not easy to do, especially when she not understood the subjects are taught , and she must take pains to understand it, there needs to be a struggle and seriously.


Devi has a lot of dreams that he had achieved. She really wants to make her parents proud. She wants her parents happy to see her succeed. To gets success is certainly not as easy as turning the palm of the hand, all need to struggle and struggle that started from small things. From now she is getting used to work hard, resist laziness. She hopes during college, she can prepare physically and mentally to become more adults. She want, everything she did useful to himself and others.

Many things she wants for her future. She want get a B during lecture, and a minimum Grade Point Average is 3. She always want increased value each semester. She also want keep active in campus organizations as one of the preparatory to towards  the world of work. She want become best students and get a scholarship from the campus. She wants to Science graduate from college in three and a half years. After graduating with a Bachelor of Science degree, Devi wants to continue her education to get Magister of Science degree. She wants to study and work, in order to ease the burden of her parents.

Devi really want to work in the bank and want to be a programmer in the Google company. If her dream come true, She wants to have a house, apartment, car, and private companies. She want to raise money to take his family go to Shindu River in India, she also wants holiday to Paris with her parents and her brother. If she already make his parents pround, she wants to marry with someone special, and has a happy little family.


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